Saturday, March 5th

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Seeing is Believing – Viewing River Microbes


Seeing is Believing: Viewing River Microbes utilizes real-time freshwater samples from the Delaware River to observe, record, and photograph/draw microscopic life. We will collect a water sample, view and photograph microorganisms through a microscope, and identify them by comparing them to resources provided. Expect to be excited by the fast moving critters propelling across your viewscreen!

We will meet at the entrance to the park off Levick Street. There is limited parking on-site and along the surrounding roads so please share a ride if you can. Please dress according to the expected weather. There is currently construction at the park entrance and it may appear that the road is blocked, however the park is still open. Drive in past the construction signs and park. The park is along the Route 84 bus route.

This event is part of a joint program between the Mural Arts Tacony LAB Community Art Center and Riverfront North Partnership, co-facilitated by artist-in-residence Rebecca Schultz and Dottie Baumgarten. Through environmental education and hands-on arts activities, participants will gain a greater understanding of the riverfront ecosystems along the Delaware River. All participants are invited to contribute to the culminating artwork by attending follow-up workshops at TaconyLAB. Participants of all ages are welcomed and encouraged!





Lardner’s Point Park

5202 Levick St.
Philadelphia, PA 19135