Friday, February 25th

5:00 PM

Up The Creek: The Frankford Underground Railroad Light Parade


A lantern light parade to honor the Underground Railroad in Frankford

Lantern Workshop 5-6:30 (SOLD OUT)

Light Parade 6:30 (Open to all, meet on porch at Garsed Center) 1 mile walk

Walking artist Ken Johnston leads a lantern-making workshop and community light parade in honor of Black History Month. Adults and children are invited to come decorate a lantern and join Ken in a walk retracing Frankford’s Underground Railroad history.

For enslaved Africans, Philadelphia was the threshold of freedom, and the nearby Delaware River was an important escape route. While most commercial ship traffic on the Delaware River traveled downstream, the Underground Railroad flowed in reverse. Walk with Ken and discover why the Frankford’s location was the best kept open secret for freedom seekers.

About the artist:

Ken Johnston is a Philadelphia-based walking artist, who responds to the call of social change and history by walking to put the Movement back in Civil Rights. During the past two years, Ken has retraced the footsteps of Harriet Tubman between Underground Railroad communities from Maryland to New York City. He uses lanterns to shine light on issues and bring communities together.