Open Now in Bridesburg:  “UnOrthodox” 

What:  Riverfront North Partnership is a #PlayEverywherePhilly winner for the Bridesburg neighborhood! This award from KABOOM!, funded by the William Penn Foundation will allow us to create an interactive play space that uses free play and guided activities that explore nature and language using themes based on the community’s layers of history and industrial usage. 

Why:  Bridesburg is a River Ward that has been disconnected to its riverfront now for decades.  As Riverfront North Partnership looks to begin construction on the riverfront park, we want to introduce families who have likely never known this community for its riverfront access.  If the pandemic and quarantine has taught us anything about our work, it’s that nature and open space is restorative and allows for freedom and exploration even when the world seems to shut down. 

When:  “UnOrthodox” will be a temporary play space in 2021, open to the public as of May 8. 

Where:  It will be first located at the Bridesburg Rec, the current hub of the neighborhood.  It will then move to the future site of the riverfront park at Delaware Avenue and Orthodox Streets.   

How:  RNP is working with designers from Interface and RAIR to build activities and elements that are indicative of the community’s fabric and history.  We’re building this play space WITH you, as well as for you so want to hear your thoughts! 

For information about the riverfront park, please visit our FAQ page.