Latifah Douglas

Field Partnership Coordinator

I am a proud Americorp’s Alumna. Almost two years ago, while serving with PowerCorps PHL, I fell in love with Environmental & Ecological Stewardship, Horticulture, Project Management, Partnerships & Relations Coordination, Arboriculture, Ecology, Forest Ecology, Urban Agriculture, Urban Forestry and anything that helps protect green spaces. Since then, I’ve been working in nature, nurturing through stewardship, to protect and maintain urban forest, meadows and all green spaces.  My mission is to become the shining light in the forest and lend a helping hand to tree care and tree health. Eventually, I am going back to school for Horticulture science and I’m currently studying to become a certified arborist. I am passionate about reforestation, protecting trees and building connections to help bring these things to life.