Did you know that the Delaware River in the Philadelphia area is tidal?

Tide Schedule

What to know the best time to fish? Find out the tide schedule for Lardner’s Point Park HERE.

River Facts

Learn more about the river and it’s tides with these facts from our partners at DRBC:

• Longest undammed river east of the Mississippi; tidal and non-tidal

•  330 miles long; an interstate river its entire length; whenever you stand on one bank, you look across at another state

•  Headwaters: East and West Branch Delaware River confluence at Hancock, N.Y.

•  Mouth: Delaware Bay at Cape May, N.J./Lewes, Del. (where it meets the Atlantic Ocean)

•  Tributaries: more than 2,000, incl. 216 major ones; largest are the Schuylkill and Lehigh rivers, respectively – both in Pennsylvania

•  Non-Tidal River: 200 miles from Trenton, N.J. north to its headwaters in N.Y.; clean, high-quality waters

•  Tidal River: 133 miles from Trenton, N.J. south to the Delaware Bay; aka the Delaware Estuary, where the river’s freshwater mixes with the ocean’s saltwater

     • While the entire tidal river is part of the estuary, salinity levels vary from the Delaware Bay (saltwater) to Wilmington, Del. (brackish) to Philadelphia, Pa. and Trenton, N.J. (mostly freshwater).

     • The tidal change also varies; in the Delaware Bay, the tidal change is about six feet, but in Trenton, it is about ten feet.