Fred Becker

How long have you lived in Bridesburg?

All my life, 50 years.

Favorite place in Bridesburg?

My home! It was built by my family in the 1860’s.

Favorite place in Philadelphia?

Anywhere along the river. We have the most under-utilized riverfront on the East Coast. We can do way more with what we have available.

Favorite Bridesburg tradition?

That’s A no brainer, Memorial Day and The Tree Lighting.

What do you love about Bridesburg?

Bridesburg has a small town feel in a big city! Plus, I love that generations of families that stay in Bridesburg.

How did you learn about the riverfront park, and what got you interested in getting involved? 

I first learned about the park being built through the Bridesburg Civic Association where I am the former VP.   I was already involved with neighborhood projects and events and I was asked to come aboard. Since then I have been adding my 2 cents here and there.

Once the park opens, what do you hope to see there? 

I’m excited for the amphitheater in Phase II. I also hope this is a space where kids can fish and enjoy the greenspace like they should since they live so close.

Anything else you’d like to include? 

I would just ask the neighborhood people to come out and get involved with our new park.  The residents of Bridesburg need to take care of its neighborhood.