The Greenway

Pulaski Park


Allegheny Ave. & N. Delaware Ave.

This quaint, newly refurbished park nestled between Delaware Ave. and the river is a great spot for fishing and relaxation. This southernmost park on the Greenway connects directly to the Port Richmond Trail for access back into the Port Richmond neighborhood and runs north to Bridesburg. (3001 E. Allegheny Ave. Philadelphia).

Port Richmond Trail and Delaware Ave. Extension

This off-road, multi-modal section of trail spans 2.2 miles and runs along Delaware Ave. from Allegheny Ave. to Orthodox St. Its location provides a great recreation loop for both Port Richmond and Bridesburg residents. Also, it conveniently connects Pulaski Park to the future riverfront park in Bridesburg.

Robert A. Borski, Jr. Park (construction began Fall 2023)

Construction began this fall on this 10-acre riverfront park in Bridesburg that will be transformed for passive use with a focus on ecological restoration. The trailhead park will connect directly with the existing Port Richmond Trail/Delaware Ave. Extension to the south. In the future, it will connect to the existing K&T Trail to the north. The construction of this park will be phased, see our FAQ page for more information on timelines etc.

Delaware Ave. Extension – Phase II (currently in design by PennDOT)

Slotted for construction in late 2024/2025, the design of this key connection is presently underway by PennDOT management. As the new road itself (Delaware Ave.) is created, an off-road side path will also be constructed on the river side, connecting the future riverfront park in Bridesburg directly to the Frankford Boat Launch.

For more information, visit the PennDOT project website. (Click on their BS5 tab)

Frankford Boat Launch

The Frankford Boat Launch serves as a convenient and free drop-in spot for motorized and non-motorized watercraft. It’s also a peaceful trailhead park for the K&T Trail. This area is known for spectacular fishing and great river and bridge views. (Access road to the park can be found at 5650 Tacony Street – same entrance as the Dietz and Watson employee parking)

K&T Trail

The K&T Trail spans 1.15 miles, starting at the Frankford Boat Launch and linking to Lardner’s Point Park via a 12-foot-wide multi-use trail, which terminates at Magee Ave. The design and construction of the K&T has transformed a previously post-industrial landscape to a green open space corridor that serves as a pollinator corridor along the Delaware River. The trail boasts 14 new benches, plus seven new trash receptacles. A highlight of this trail is a former railroad bridge that has been converted to a fifty-foot-long multi-use trail over the remnants of the Wissinoming Creek.

Lardner’s Point Park

This 4.5-acre riverfront park is located directly south of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge and is connected to the K&T Trail. This passive park includes a river overlook and fishing pier, riparian edge restoration, tidal wetlands, picnicking areas, and meadow trails. The park’s varied habitats attract many birds, amphibians, insects, and fish. Visitors have spotted bald eagles, striped bass, peregrine falcons, fox, and more. (5202 Levick Street Philadelphia)

K&T Trail – Phase II

The extension of the existing K&T trail from Magee Ave. north to Princeton Ave. opened on August 11th, 2023, creating an uninterrupted 2 mile stretch of riverfront trail. This rail-trail hugs the river’s edge, boasting fantastic riverfront and bridge views.

Tacony Boat Launch

The Tacony Boat Launch offers a free launch site for small motorized and non-motorized watercraft. It’s a quiet spot for fishing or taking in river views. In 2022, Riverfront North Partnership will continue the community engagement process as plans move forward to re-design and beautify this park.

(5100 Princeton Ave Philadelphia)

Tacony-Holmesburg Trail (currently in design)

This trail is currently in the design phase. It will connect the Tacony Boat Launch to Pennypack on the Delaware.

Pennypack on the Delaware Park

Pennypack on the Delaware Park is a huge hidden gem along the river. It features a relaxing trail that connects several ball fields and provides opportunities for walking, bicycling, and fishing. Picnic areas, a pier, a gazebo, and a pavilion make for a lovely day in the park. This park also features a nature trail, large meadow, and abundant wildlife—including a pair of bald eagles. (Access road to the park begins at 7801 State Road Philadelphia, PA, same access road as the sign for “Riverview Homes”)

Baxter Trail

The portion of the trail from Pleasant Hill Park (Linden Ave) to Pennypack Street is open year round. From Memorial Day, 2022 through labor day weekend 2022, the section of trail connecting Pennypack Street to  Pennypack on the Delaware Park will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 8pm. The trail features a bridge over Pennypack Creek, native vegetation, and spectacular riverfront views.

Pleasant Hill Park


Linden Ave. & Delaware Ave.

Pleasant Hill Park & Boat Launch is a 35-acre recreational area with facilities that include fishponds (known as hatcheries), a public boat launch, ball fields, walking paths, and riverfront viewing and access. This park also includes a newly installed playground and has undergone recent ecological restoration work. (5250 Linden Ave Philadelphia)

Glen Foerd on the Delaware

This beautiful mansion is a must-see for visitors to the Delaware Riverfront. The Glen Foerd mansion is located on 19 acres of exquisitely landscaped grounds, which provide wonderful scenic views of the Delaware River. The grounds are currently undergoing a restoration to return them to the original design by noteworthy landscape architects, James Bush-Brown and Thomas Sears. For a small fee, you can enter the mansion and experience the art museum on the top floor. Roam the gardens and grounds for free! For more information on events at the museum, please visit the location site: (5001 Grant Avenue Philadelphia)