Upcoming Projects

The Baxter Trail

Location: Pennypack on the Delaware to Pleasant Hill Park (Linden Ave.)

Project Status: Construction complete, trail is open on the weekends from 8am-8pm between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Projected Opening: awaiting permanent opening date from City of Philadelphia.

This 2-mile section of trail connecting Pennypack on the Delaware Park to Pleasant Hill Park, is open to the pubic on the weekends from 8am-8pm between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2022. The trail features a bridge over Pennypack Creek, native vegetation, and spectacular riverfront views.

K&T Trail Extension

Location: Magee Avenue to the Tacony Boat Launch (Princeton Ave.)

Project Status: final design

Projected Construction Completion:  Summer 2023.

Construction is underway to extend the existing K&T trail from Magee Ave. north to Princeton Ave., connecting Lardner’s Point Park to the Tacony Boat Launch. This rail-trail will follow directly along the river, boasting fantastic riverfront and bridge views.

Tacony-Holmesburg Trail

Location: Tacony Boat Launch (Princeton Ave.) to Pennypack on the Delaware Park (Pennypack Path)

Project Status: currently in design

Projected Construction Start: TBD

Presently in the design process, this trail will connect the Tacony Boat Launch to Pennypack on the Delaware.

Robert A. Borski, Jr. Park:

Location: 3150 Orthodox St.

Project Status: Let for construction – winter 2023

Projected Construction Start:  2023

This 10-acre park will be transformed for passive use with a focus on ecological restoration. It will feature an upland meadow, stage area, picnic pavilion, trails, restrooms, and breathtaking river views. The trailhead park will connect directly with the existing Port Richmond Trail/Delaware Ave. Extension to the south. In the future, it will connect to the existing K&T Trail to the north. The park will be constructed in phases to give the community access as soon as possible to this great new resource. See our Borski Park FAQ page for more info.

Delaware Avenue Extension – Phase II

Location: Orthodox St. to the Frankford Boat Launch

Project Status: currently in design

Projected Construction Start: 2024/2025 (Project managed by PennDOT)

The design of this key connection is presently underway by PennDOT management. As the new road itself (Delaware Ave.) is created, an off-road side path will also be constructed on the river side, connecting the future riverfront park in Bridesburg directly to the Frankford Boat Launch. More information available via Penn DOT’s project website (Project BSR – BS5).