Spring Fling + Silent Auction 2020

Spring Fling Fundraiser and Silent Auction

Over the past week, we have had to come to terms with our new reality in relation to COVID-19. While parks continue to be a haven for our community during a time of social distancing, we at Riverfront North Partnership are focusing on how to be responsible while forwarding our mission to connect our communities to their parks.

With this understanding, we have made the decision to postpone our Annual Spring Fling and Silent Auction. When it becomes feasible to do so, we will host a small reception in the fall to celebrate our milestones and honor our community leaders.

Parks, now more than ever, are of the upmost importance. They remain a safe place to watch the tide rise and fall in the Delaware River, they have spacious meadows to breathe in the fresh air, and they are home to biking and walking trails that can cure cabin fever. If you value the many ways that our shared parks benefit our community, please consider making a donation to help keep our parks and trails welcoming. It is needed more than ever as we see more people enjoying these spaces, and as we face unprecedented challenges. Every bit of support is gratefully appreciated, and it will help to ensure a safe, open greenway at a time we need it most. We look forward to visiting with you in these wonderful spaces as soon as we can.





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Highlights from our 2019 Spring Fling