Report problems you see along the greenway! Below is helpful information for keeping an eye on our shared park and trail spaces.

Dealing with Nuisance Issues along the Northern Delaware Riverfront (and its neighborhoods)

Public nuisance – unreasonable, unwarranted, or unlawful interference with a right common to the general public.  Examples include:

Boom parties; short-dumping; dirt bike/quad usage on the trails; alcohol or drug use;

Reporting a Crime in Progress

  1. If you are in Philadelphia, dial 9-1-1,
  2. If you are outside Philadelphia dial 215-418-0265 to reach Philadelphia Police Department dispatch.

Submit a Tip on a Crime not Currently in Progress

To submit information regarding suspicious, nuisance and criminal activity to the Philadelphia Police Department.  Tips may be submitted anonymously. Include date, time and location along with any pictures and videos of incident.

Roll Call Complaint

PPD Roll Call Complaints provide a means for informing patrol officers of chronic neighborhood problems or conditions that are not of an emergency nature.  Include as many details as you can if you are sending photos or videos, such as the date, time and location and vehicle descriptions and license plate info. Please include your information if you would like a member of the Philadelphia Police Department to follow up with you directly.



15th District – (215) 686-3150 (north of the Frankford Creek, to Rhawn Street)

24th District – (215) 686-3240 (south of the Frankford Creek, to include Lewis Street)

8th District – (215) 686-3080 (north of Rhawn Street, to the Bucks County line at Poquessing Creek)

Addresses to Use to Report Problem Areas

PPD uses a collaborative problem-solving approach to address crime that is driven by data, analysis, feedback, and accountability.  As many of the areas we see are unoccupied, vacant or open spaces, it sometimes a challenge to have a reporting address.  Below are addresses of frequent problem spots that should be used when reporting crimes/nuisances either through 911 or tiplines/roll calls.

  • Tacony Boat Launch – 5270 Princeton Ave
  • Unruh – 5298 Unruh Street
  • Lardners Point Park – 5202 Levick Street
  • Frankford Boat Launch – 5501 Tacony Street (at riverfront)
  • Bridesburg Riverfront Park (future site of) – 3150 Orthodox Street
  • Lewis Street – 3290 Lewis Street