Robert A. Borski, Jr. Park Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on 1/23/24

Where did the park name come from?

The park was named for Congressman Robert Borski. Read more on his history with the Greenway here.

Where will Robert A. Borski, Jr. Park be?

The park will be a 10-acre site on the Delaware River where Delaware Avenue meets Orthodox Street.

Who is making the Borski Park in Bridesburg happen?

Riverfront North Partnership is working in partnership with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation to raise funds and construct the new park.

What has the progress been of Borski Park?

Riverfront North held public meetings in 2015 to establish a conceptual design. Community feedback was integrated into the conceptual design and, ultimately, the final construction drawings that were completed in May 2019.

Construction has been phased to open the park to the public as quickly as possible. Phase 1 will include site work, environmental remediation, parking, pathways and landscaping, utilities, and a restroom facility. Phase 2 will add a stage pavilion, picnic pavilion, terraced lawn seating, and a boardwalk with spectacular river views.

Funding for Phase 1 construction was completed in July 2020. Request for proposals and environmental remediation were released in early 2023, and again in summer 2023 once the first round of bids came in 40% over budget. Construction began in October 2023 with an official groundbreaking on October 3, 2023 and a public opening anticipated in early 2025.

Why is the park being built in phases and not all at once?

In order to open this space to the public as quickly as possible, and with the understanding that fundraising at this scale takes time, the project was broken into phases.

What is the budget for the park’s construction?

The entire park is estimated to cost $9 million. We have raised $6.2 million for the first phase of construction. The second phase is estimated to be an additional $3.7 million. As of November 2020, we have secured funding for Phase 1 construction.

How will construction be funded?

The park has received significant funding from The William Penn Foundation, the City of Philadelphia, PennDOT, the PA Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, PA Department of Community and Economic Development, and the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and The McLean Contributionship.  Riverfront North Partnership and the City of Philadelphia are working together to secure additional funding from private, local, state, and federal sources.

When will construction start?

Construction began in October 2023.

Will there be bathrooms and amenities in the park?

Yes. Phase 1 construction includes a pathways, a large lawn area, native meadow, restrooms, and parking.  It will also include the park security gate and camera.  Phase 2 of construction will build a stage, picnic pavilion, terraced seating, and a boardwalk with river views.

How long will it take to finish Phase 1 construction?

Phase 1 construction is estimated to take 18 months with a projected opening in 2025.

How will I access the park?

The park can be accessed via Orthodox Street and the Port Richmond multi-modal trail. There will be a parking lot at the intersection of Orthodox Street and Delaware Avenue.

How does this park connect to regional trail systems?

Robert A. Borski, Jr. Park is the last of eight planned park on the Riverfront North Greenway, which will run from Port Richmond to the Bucks County Line and is part of the Circuit Trails (750 miles) and East Coast Greenway (3,300 miles) networks.

Borski Park will be an essential trailhead on the upcoming Delaware Avenue Extension planned by PennDOT. This new road will be built to connect Delaware Avenue from Orthodox to the Frankford Boat Launch at the new Dietz & Watson facility. It is a two-lane road with a dedicated bicycle path that will not only ease traffic congestion in Bridesburg, but provide more recreational opportunities for bicyclists and pedestrians. (Info on that project here)


Who will maintain the park after it is built?

Philadelphia Parks and Recreation owns and maintains the land. Riverfront North is their non-profit partner that assists in maintenance and programming.

Does the park use environmentally sustainable practices?

The park will use bio-retention swales with gravel that will filter storm water before it enters the river, as well as porous pathway materials to reduce runoff volume. The design integrates native meadow plants to encourage pollinators and returning wildlife.

What is being done to ensure security in the park?

We know that the key to safe and welcoming public spaces are activities that are planned with our community. A community that has a sense of ownership for its park will ensure that it is cared for appropriately. Riverfront North and a Bridesburg committee are taking steps towards that goal before the park opens (see question below).  In addition, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation will ensure that gates are closed from dusk to dawn, and that park rangers patrol the site while the park is open.

 How is the Bridesburg community involved?

Even before the park is open, Riverfront North is working with a core committee of Bridesburg residents to learn and pilot small projects together. We will develop an activities plan for the park’s first season as part of this process. Check out what we are doing on our blog.

We are also glad to come to community meetings and share our progress, and will have opportunities for more people to be involved as we plan together. If you would like to be involved, please contact or 215-425-8350.

Who do I contact with more questions about the park?

You can contact Riverfront North Partnership: or 215-425-8350.

Where can I see photos or renderings of the park?

On our dedicated page here. 

Where can I find the latest information about the Delaware Avenue Extension and trail from Orthodox St to the Frankford Boat Launch?

PennDOT is managing the Delaware Ave. Extension Project and expects to begin construction in 2024. Here is a link to their timeline for this portion (See BSR-BS5 Tab on this page)