Bridesburg Riverfront Park

“Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” – English Proverb

This saying may be true and if so, we can be sure the Riverfront Park in Bridesburg is going to be really, really good.  Because we’ve been waiting a very long time. 

UPDATE MARCH 2023: Phase 1 Construction was advertised in January 2023 and the bids we received in February were 40% over our cost estimate. While we had anticipated significant cost escalation due to the volatility of construction costs, this far exceeded our expectations and funding.

RNP was forced to reject the bids and is in the process of value engineering the park for a new advertisement in summer 2023 and a fall/winter 2023 groundbreaking. If all goes well, the park will be open to the public by summer 2025.

Delaware River Access in Bridesburg at the old Bridge Street Pier


Since the Bridesburg neighborhood has been cut off from its riverfront – the last public access being the pier at Bridge Street that was fenced off overnight in 1961, a new riverfront park in the neighborhood park had been planned and talked about.

The City of Philadelphia acquired the land in 2014 and soon community meetings began to see that the vision of the nearby neighbors was incorporated into the design.  Riverfront North Partnership (RNP, then known as Delaware River City Corporation) helps to facilitate the design, community engagement, and now, construction of the new park.

River view of the Betsy Ross Bridge

RNP started fundraising for construction in 2017 and has been awarded nearly $6.7 million for construction from private, local, state, and federal sources, including PennDOT, which has experienced significant delays in its project pipeline due the pandemic.  RNP and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation have been working hard behind the scenes for the last five years to meet our funders’ complex range of contractual requirements and move forward on the project.

RNP is the nonprofit partner to Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, which will own and maintain the park. RNP will work with the community to steward and program the park when it opens. In the meantime, Gina Craigo, our community engagement manager, has worked for the last four years to build relationships and support neighborhood initiatives.

Looking back to 2014, we are so much closer to the finish line of opening a riverfront park in Bridesburg.  A park that will bring natural meadows with walking trails, an open lawn for frisbee or kite flying, and sweeping views of the Delaware River.  We have already seen beaver, fox, and deer in the meadow, and we look forward to increasing the health of their environment through native plantings.

Progress is being made. With your help, we have established the groundwork for a public park that is cared for by its community:

  • An Advisory Committee of five neighbors are guiding us as we think about the best uses for the new park.
  • We set up a temporary play space at the Rec Center, reminding everyone there IS a river close by and that we’ll soon be taking you to it. 
  • We’ve funded community ideas to make Bridesburg and even better place – with fitness classes, learn to compost workshop, more trashcans for Richmond Street, sponsorship of Bridesburg events such as the 5K and the Bri Tri.

And there’s lots more fun planned for the upcoming season:

How does this relate to the Coke site development?

We have received several questions about how the new park relates to the warehouse development on the former Coke site. The park is still owned by the City of Philadelphia and will remain so. It is directly on the riverfront and is separated from the Coke site by a truck repair shop currently, and eventually the planned Delaware Avenue Extension along the old rail lines.

Bridesburg, thank you for your patience and for consistently showing up and caring about your neighborhood.  We can’t wait to be kicking back with you at the riverfront!

A new park is coming soon to the Bridesburg Riverfront.

Find out more here on our FAQ Page.

A meeting was held on Monday, January 23, at the Bridesburg Rec to update about the status of the new riverfront park coming to Bridesburg.  Convened by Councilmember Mike Driscoll and with Rep. Joe Hohenstein, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR), the board and staff at Riverfront North Partnership (RNP) shared the good news that Phase 1 Construction of the long-awaited park will break ground in May 2023.    

This 10-acre riverfront park will be located at the end of Orthodox Street. Phase 1 Construction is fully funded and includes a multi-purpose lawn, elevated meadow with nature trails, restrooms, and parking for 40 cars.  Security measures include a yellow swing gate and a camera in the parking area. The park will be open from dusk to dawn by PPR Park Rangers. 

Fundraising for Phase 2 Construction is underway and the park will eventually include additional amenities like a picnic pavilion, stage pavilion, boardwalk overlook, and terraced lawn seating. 

Phase 1 Construction is undergoing two separate bidding processes. The majority of the project is already out for bid through PennDOT and expected to complete in February 2023. It will include everything in Phase 1 Construction except for the bathroom and a portion of the landscaping. 

The second bid package will be finalized by May 2023 and will include the restroom and part of the landscaping at a minimum. Because of the volatility of construction costs, the package will not be finalized until the first bid estimates are received. There is a possibility that this bid could include the picnic pavilion or terraced lawn seating slated for Phase 2 Construction, depending on how much construction costs have risen.  

Phase 1 Construction will begin in May 2023 and is estimated to take 18 months, ending around December 2024.  

The current Advisory Committee – Fred Becker, Rosemarie Conry, Cathie Polakowski, Yvonne Stephens and Adam Visconto – was thanked for their ongoing support and counsel to this project.  Community input on the activation of the park is important to its success as it should be reflective of the communities interests, and because activated, well-used spaces make for safe parks.  As the park gets closer to construction, the Advisory Committee will grow into an official Park Friends group through the Fairmount Park Conservancy and more community members will be sought to grow this group.

Community members asked about dirt bike/ATV usage and illegal dumping on the trails.  These are concerns shared by Riverfront North, which has been working with elected officials, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, and City stakeholders to amplify the concerns.  It was suggested that community members bring them to the police and attend the PDAC meetings. Bridesburg is located in PDAC 1 for the 15th Police District and the next meeting is this Thursday, January 26, at St Marks on Frankford Avenue.

Stephanie Phillips, RNP Executive Director shared that a Master Site Plan for the Frankford Boat Launch has just been funded and is expected to begin in summer 2023.  This will allow a deeper exploration of security, access, and appropriate use of that park and will include significant community input and engagement.

For specific questions or additional information, feel free to contact Gina Craigo, Community Engagement Manager at or 215-962-8726.

Thank you to all who participated in the virtual community meeting regarding park updates on 2/17/21.  We appreciate your feedback and hope we were able to answer your questions. Below is a link to a video of that 2021 meeting if you weren’t able to make it to join us. If you have questions regarding the park construction, please feel free to email

SEE THE VIDEO BELOW (or here on our vimeo page)



Ongoing Initiatives

🚨New cans for Richmond Street in #Bridesburg! 🚨

Read all about how Adam Visconto and artist Bobby Hunter collaborated with Riverfront North Partnership to help make the neighborhood just a bit tidier!

Bridesburg Impact Grants (BIG)

Thanks to the generous support of the William Penn Foundation, RNP has launched Bridesburg Impact Grants (BIG) to bring your ideas to life within the Bridesburg community – and ultimately the new park. These $500 grants are designed to spread the word about all the great things that this neighborhood offers to the people who live here.

Find out how to apply and what ongoing projects are being funded by visiting our BIG page.


Bridesburg ‘River Ways’ Story Series

Travel back in time to the Bridesburg of yesteryear.  “Bridesburg River Ways” is a new story series from Philadelphia artist Aislinn Penecost-Farren about Bridesburg and life along the river. The river wards neighborhoods along Riverfront North have a long and rich history with the Delaware River, these are stories of their connections.