Meet the Team!


Each week we’ll be introducing you to one of our talented Riverfront North Partnership staff members. If you see them out on the trails or in the parks, say hi!
Meet Maida! Maida serves as the Riverfront North Partnership Development Coordinator, helping us apply for and organize our funding from grants. She also manages our donations, Spring Fling fundraiser and our new Trailblazer program

When did you join the team?

March 2019

What is your favorite park?

I love the Northern Forest in Pennypack on the Delaware. I’m also a huge fan of Glen Fored on Delaware for the beautiful wide river views and flowering trees.

Riverfront North Partnership Project I am most looking forward to…

I’m excited for the upcoming completion of the K&T trail which will extend the current trail from Magee street to Princeton Ave!

Favorite Fall Activity?

I love all things fall; going apple picking and visiting pumpkin patches, baking goodies and drinking warm beverages, dressing in cozy clothing and soaking up the last of the warm sunshine.  It’s literally all my favorite.