More of a A Good Thing: Two More Public Trash Cans for Bridesburg!

In late 2022, at the request of community volunteer and dedicated Bridesburg resident, Adam Visconto, RNP was able to provide funding for three trashcans with painted domes by Bridesburg Artist Bobby Hunter in 19137. 

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree; Adam’s daughter Emily asked if she could help coordinate additional trashcans for Bridesburg through her involvement with the Boys and Girls Club’s Torch Club – a group aimed at helping young people develop leadership skills.

With funding from Councilmember Mike Driscoll and the Philadelphia Activities Fund, RNP was able to purchase two additional cans and also give Bobby Hunter stipends to paint domes for each.  This now brings the total to 5 trashcans in Bridesburg funded through and maintained by the community.

One trashcan was planned for the Bridesburg Boys and Girls Club so under Emily’s leadership, two creative sessions were held with Bobby to brainstorm the design.  The group of 8 teens incorporated aspects of the Club, including the handshake logo, a ball from the iconic pool tables, a prominent torch, and a ribbon of colorful figures holding hands along the rim.

Thank you to the Bridesburg Boys and Girls Club for helping facilitate this project, enabling the teens and for maintaining the trash can moving forward.

The other trashcan was adopted by Honest Realty on Orthodox and Almond Streets by owners Sheena Dudick and Russell Kubach.  Bobby was able to incorporate Honest Realty’s logo with his colorful designs.  Orthodox Street will take you  “To The River” at Borski Park, currently under construction with a 2025 anticipated opening.

Trashcans are not only proven to keep neighborhoods cleaner, and keep trash out of the Delaware River, but these trashcans also demonstrate how the Bridesburg community steps up to help ensure safe, clean neighborhoods.

Thank you, Adam, Sheena, Russ and especially Emily for your time, dedication, and commitment and for showing such leadership and community spirit!