What’s that on the ground? Is that a rock painted as a ladybug? Yes. Your eyes aren’t lying to you! We think Philly Nature Rocks and to show our love we’ve painted actual rocks with some of our favorite bugs, birds, animals and sayings, and placed them around the parks and trails of Riverfront North.

Have you found one? Great! Post a picture of yourself and use #PhillyNatureRocks and be entered for a chance to win some cool Riverfront North Prizes. If you forget the hashtag, don’t worry, it is written on the bottom of the rock. When done, put it back for the next person to find, or hide it somewhere else in the park or along the trails where you think the next person might catch a glimpse. Feeling artsy? Paint your own and place it somewhere in the park!

Thanks for helping to spread the word about how Philly Nature Rocks!

Questions: email us at info@riverfrontnorth.org