Point No Point

Point No Point: A View of Bridesburg
Photographs by Jaime Alvarez

In the spring of 2021, we invited North Philadelphia artist Jaime Alvarez to create photographs of the Delaware River waterfront at Orthodox Street, where we are building a new park. Jaime’s photographs capture the site at this moment, on the brink of a new era.

Jamie’s photographs show the human history of the location, and the natural habitat that has emerged. Relics of the site’s industrial past sit side-by-side with sun-lit grasses and groves of trees. Jaime also understood that the park site is connected to the history, memories, and future of the neighborhood nearby. He explored the streets of Bridesburg, met residents, and tried to capture some of its special character on film. 

This project is part of a series of public art projects by Philadelphia artist and curator Aislinn Pentecost-Farren for Riverfront North Partnership.

View the Project

Find Jaime’s photos in the windows of four businesses along Orthodox Street in Bridesburg: 

  • Dydak Realty
  • Old English Pizza
  • Renzi’s Pizza
  • Artur Realty

The photos will be on display June 15 – July 30.

And check out the photographs in a special insert for the June 2021 Bridesburg Bulletin. The Bulletin can be found for free in businesses around Bridesburg starting in mid-June.


Preview a selection of Jaime’s photographs.

About the Project

By Jaime Alvarez

As a photographer and an artist, I work towards educating myself as much as possible about my subject. I do this to understand the spirit of a place, and to be able to interpret it justly. Bridesburg was interesting to me because as I learned more about this community, and its history, I could see its character beyond the surface, and I found that it is a story worthy of telling. Nestled in its industrial borders, there’s a community of passionate hard working people that are willing to help each other, and have pride in their homes.  

In February I was able to stand in an abandoned cement factory lot, future site of a proposed public park, on the Delaware River, halfway between the Tacony Palmyra and Betsy Ross bridges. It was captivating the way that plants and trees have been able to grow and create a new environment for the animals. I saw deer tracks through the wet soil, and even a stump made by a beaver. Standing amongst the rubble, and seeing how nature had overtaken the land that once was a cement factory, it gave me hope that there will be a return for the people of Bridesburg to be able to enjoy the riverside, its landscape, and the nature that it can bring.

I moved to Philadelphia in 2005 and it’s been the longest I’ve lived anywhere, except for when I lived where I grew up in Puerto Rico. I’ve learned many things about this city, and I still have much to learn about this city. With the photographs I have made in the area, I hope it recreates a narrative about Bridesburg that would make more people appreciate it for the hope it holds for growth and beauty. 

About the Artist

Jaime Alvarez is an artist living and working in Philadelphia. Jaime’s work tells the story of places and objects with the essence of humanity. He uses photographic process and installation to help guide the viewer through his ideas of vulnerability and everyday life.     

Since 2005 Jaime has been working in Philadelphia, and exhibiting throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. His works have been collected by notable organizations such as Comcast, Drexel University, Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin Texas, and other private collectors.

Find out more about Jaime at his website, or Instagram @jaimephoto79