Riverfront North – By The Numbers

This year, Riverfront North Partnership dove into a new data project with the aim of better understanding the average park and trail visitor. In May and June we completed a comprehensive community survey and throughout the year, we have been conducting observational studies of real-time observed activity in the park. These avenues have helped us gather data to begin to analyze how to better serve those using these shared green spaces.

This data collection and analysis is an ongoing initiative that we plan to continue through 2021. Stay tuned for reports on what we’ve learned and for more surveys to let us know how you view the parks and trails and your thoughts on what can be added and improved.

In the meantime we are proud to report that despite the pandemic, we were still able to host 49 public programs, 22 stewardship events with over 750 participants (all socially distanced per CDC guidelines). This continued community involvement helped us plant over 250 trees along Riverfront North just this fall!

We are looking forward to gathering even more information in the year to come to better maintain and plan for these spaces to best benefit all who use them.