Trail Update: Port Richmond Trail


Where: Port Richmond Trail (From I-95 to Delaware Ave)

Why: PennDOT I-95 related road improvements on Delaware Ave and Allegheny Ave.

This segment of the Trail (from @ I-95 to Delaware Ave) will be closed from Aug thru mid-Oct. A small piece of the trail will be disturbed and reconstructed, and this trail segment along Allegheny will re-opened in October. There are Sidewalk and Roadway “closed” signs up.

Once the above segment is re-opened, then a small portion of the Trail at the bend near Allegheny and Delaware (in front of Pulaski Park) will be closed from mid-October to mid-November. Access to the Park parking lot will be maintained, but the trail will be closed in this area.

We will post more any and all updates when we get them.

Thanks for you patience.