Youth Volunteer Corps Installs New Trail Kiosks

The northern woods at Pennypack on the Delaware have a fresh new set of informational kiosks thanks to the hard work of Youth Volunteer Corps Philly in collaboration with the Riverfront North Stewardship team.

The group refurbished and expanded the original “storybook trail” structures, which were installed a few years ago in a project that told a nature story one page at a time, spread out over multiple kiosks along a .5 mile long nature trail loop.

The kiosks have now been enhanced and expanded, and the story has been replaced by interesting facts about the environment in which you are standing including: information on native meadows, tides, and wildflowers you may encounter on your walk.

To experience this new amenity, follow the “coastal trail” on the below map, which starts just beyond the fence line along the park’s main riverfront trail. Check out the photos below of the YVC and RNP teams in action implementing these news kiosks.