Each week we’ll be introducing you to one of our talented Riverfront North Partnership staff members. 

Meet Chris! Chris is Riverfront North Partnership’s passionate Stewardship Assistant. He assists in the planting, greening, operations and maintenance efforts along the many parks and trails of Riverfront North.

When did you join the team?

June 2020


What is your favorite spot on along Riverfront North?

My favorite spot along the greenway would have to be the glorious woods of Pennypack on the Delaware. Not only is this a hotspot for birds looking to take a break along their journeys, but also such a peaceful space amid a busy city.


Riverfront North Partnership Project I am most looking forward to…

I am currently the most excited about the Fall Tree Planting occurring in the Northern Woods of Pennypack on the Delaware. With 250 native tree and shrub species entering Mother Earth, the community engagement I have witnessed, and personally being able to plant my 300th tree keeps me raring through the fall.



Favorite Fall Activity?

I enjoy getting outside during the fall migration periods in search for new bird species I have yet to cross off my bucket list!

If you see Chris out along the trails or in the parks, don’t be shy, say hi!