Each week we’ll be introducing you to one of our talented Riverfront North Partnership staff members. 

Meet John! John is Riverfront North Partnership’s passionate Stewardship Manager. He plans, oversees and executes the planting, greening, operations and maintenance efforts along the many parks and trails of Riverfront North.

When did you join the team?

November 2016


What is your favorite spot on along Riverfront North?

The southern forest in Pennypack on the Delaware. we have our own shipwreck and beaver lodge there. You should check it out!


Riverfront North Partnership Project I am most looking forward to…

I’m very excited about continuing the forest restoration at Pennypack on the Delaware. This fall alone we are in the process of planting 250 trees.



Favorite Fall Activity?

There is nothing like sitting around a fire.

If you see John out along the trails or in the parks, don’t be shy, say hi!