Meet the Team – Jim Fries


Each week we’ll be introducing you to one of our talented Riverfront North Partnership staff members. If you see them out on the trails or in the parks, say hi!
Meet Jim! Jim has long served as the Riverfront North Partnership Project Manager,  managing the many trail, park and environmental projects going on at Riverfront North.  

When did you join the team?

August 2012

What is your favorite park?

Lardner’s Point Park. It has been a pleasure to work on the transformation of Lardner’s Point Park over the past eight years from an abandoned brownfield site to a park that highlights urban nature with multiple habitat zones.

Riverfront North Partnership Project I am most looking forward to…

I’m excited for the upcoming construction of the riverfront park in Bridesburg. It is going to be a beautiful park that reconnects the community to the river they’ve been cut off from for so long, while restoring nature to a post-industrial landscape.

Favorite Fall Activity?

Hiking and kayaking. It’s the perfect time to be outdoors enjoying nature.