Nature Activities – Make Recycled Paper!

Here’s another easy one for you to do with the family while stuck at home!



Materials needed: Newspaper Buckets or bowls Blender or hand mixer

Pieces of screen or felt Plastic wrap Rolling pin or a wood block

Instructions: (requires several days to complete)

Cut or tear the newspaper into small pieces (no larger than 1” x 1”, or 1½” x 2” strips) and place into the bowl or bucket with water (1 part paper to 2 parts water) and let it soak overnight.

The next day, use the hand mixer or blender to “pulp” or break down the wet newspaper fibers.

Starch can be added for rigidity. Flower petals, leaves, cloth, fibers, dye or other materials can be added for color and texture.

Place the wet pulp onto a screen or the piece of felt and place this between a folded piece of plastic wrap.

Press down on plastic wrap and force the water out with a rolling pin or wood block, pushing the water towards the outer edges. Keep pressing until most of the water is removed. Keep wiping away the water to prevent it from being absorbed again. Let dry for a day or two.

Once dry, cut the paper into the proper size for cards or gift tags. Allow participants to decorate and write on their newly made paper.

Use the paper for an art project or use it to write a letter to a neighbor or relative explaining how the paper was made and the importance of recycling.

Note: If fibers are not used, paper may be very brittle. Use caution while decorating.