Pat and Cecilia

Pat and his 5 year-old granddaughter Cecilia bird watch, bike, walk, and spend time together at Pennypack on the Delaware often. Sometimes they stop to chat with us and share what they’ve seen that day and ask questions about plants.
This summer we asked them if they have any special trees 🌳 at in the park that they feel connected to. Pat immediately replied the “giant Sycamore with the eagle’s nest , we love to watch them!” 🦅 to which Cecilia immediately questioned “but what about our snack spot?” (A Red Maple grove that provides a shaded spot from which to look out onto the river.)
Trees in our neighborhoods and parks not only provide physical benefits like habitat, shade and oxygen; they also offer emotional benefits and hold special meaning in our memories and interactions with each other and nature.
Will you help us continue to plant trees that will help create memories for generations to come? Join today as a trailblazer!