Riverfront North Annual Report

This spring we are all rediscovering the beauty and comfort of the Delaware River. More than ever, we are hearing from park and trail users about the impact these spaces have on their lives. We have loved seeing you in our shared spaces, whether you are playing guitar at Lardner’s Point, skateboarding on the K&T Trail, or taking a calm moment in nature at Pennypack on the Delaware. We have loved hearing from you too! This was shared from park user Ally:
“We have been so blessed to have these trails so my kids—who are normally involved in sports—can burn their energy and get fresh air…it’s been a life saver! We’ve also gotten our fishing licenses (me for the first time) and have gone fishing quite a few times!”
This shared appreciation of Riverfront North is growing each year and can been seen in the powerful impact represented in our newly released 2019 Annual Report as well as in the upcoming initiatives we have along the river this spring. We look forward to continuing to see you out along the river, from six feet away!