Riverfront North Winter Scavenger Hunt

Riverfront North Partnership is excited to announce the Winter 2020 Scavenger Hunt!  Don’t miss your chance to discover one of 5 Riverfront North messages in a bottle! . Participants have the opportunity to win a $20 amazon gift card*. In order to qualify for the gift card, you’ll need to take these next steps:

  1. Find a message in a bottle! We’ll be hiding one bottle in each of these Riverfront North parks on different days throughout February (Pulaski, Lardner’s Point Park, Pennypack on the Delaware and Pleasant Hill Park). Follow us (@riverfrontnorth) on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get clues as to where the bottles are hidden and when. If you find a bottle, follow the next steps.
  2. Post a picture of your discovered bottle/message on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (or any combination of the 3 platforms) with the following:
    1. Write the name or location of the park or trail (if you’re not sure, just give it a guess or say a nearby street).
    2. Use #exploreriverfrontnorth
    3. Tag @riverfrontnorth

Next steps after posting?

  • We will get in touch with you via your post to coordinate obtaining contact info to be able to send you the gift card!
  • Keep the bottle! Or recycle it. Be a good person and don’t abandon it.
  • Tell your friends to be on the lookout by following @riverfrontnorth for the next clue to find the next message in a bottle.


*Must be 18 or older to participate

**Limit one winner per household per year.