What’s Happening at Pennypack on the Delaware?

Wasn’t there a meadow?

Have you walked the north woods of Pennypack on the Delaware recently and wondered, “Wait, wasn’t there a big meadow here before?”. You aren’t crazy, there was! As part of the maintenance plan to maintain healthy native growth, the meadow will be mowed every one to two years. Don’t worry, it will grow back and the wildlife is not affected! The birds are still chirping in the nearby woods and the beaver, fox and deer still roam the cleared spaces, so keep an eye out!


What’s that other cleared area?

Did you also notice a new clearing when you first enter the nature area beyond the ball fields fence? That space is part of a new restoration project Riverfront North is working on. The growth has been cleared and we are planning many spring planting days to put hundreds of native trees in the ground. Visit our volunteer page if you want to help plant with us!


What is with the wood chip piles everywhere?

After many volunteer days in the past few years, we managed to amass large piles of woody debris including fallen invasive White Mulberry trees. This spring we worked to chip all of those materials, allowing for us to now use it for nature paths, tree mulch and for other natural purposes around the north wooded areas of the park. If you’ve noticed, there is a much clearer view of the river throughout the nature section now that the woody debris piles have been chipped! Again, don’t worry, the native wildlife is not affected and these efforts to remove the invasive species and foster future native growth will only help both the wildlife and the park-goers alike as we work to create a more beautiful and natural park space for all.