Top 5 Coolest Birds To See Along Riverfront North

One of the easiest things to do along the trails and in the parks of Riverfront North is bird watching. Over 250 species of our flying friends have been spotted along the mighty Delaware River in our neck of the woods. Most can be seen with the naked eye right from the main trails (but binoculars or a long camera lens always make things look so much cooler)! If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, head to Pennypack on the Delaware (park entrance at State Rd. near Rhawn St.) – considered a Philadelphia birding hotspot.

Below are our top five favorite birds seen along Riverfront North. If you are a proud #BirdNerd that thinks we missed something on the list, tag us in your bird pictures on social media (@riverfrontnorth). Don’t miss out on the next guided bird walk, coming up soon.




5. Eastern Screech Owl.

Talk about camouflage! And how about the pipes on this species… 

Eastern Screech Owl at Pennypack on The Delaware, along Pennypack Creek

4. Gulls

Ring-billed, Herring, Laughing, you name it, the trails and parks of Riverfront North have seen many varieties of gulls. When you see one  flying nearby, you know relaxation by the water isn’t far away.

Ring-billed gull on the dock at the Frankford Boat Launch

3. American Kestrel

Bigger than your average bird and certainly more colorful, the American Kestrel stands out as special. You may see it flying overhead with a field mouse hanging out of its mouth, or you may catch it just hanging out and relaxing on a nearby fence or light post.

American Kestrel on the soccer field fence at Pennypack on the Delaware

2. Great Egret

Patiently waiting, knee deep in the calm shoreline waters of Pennypack Creek, the lanky, yet elegant white Egret stands out in stark contrast to the green/blue waters of the Delaware River. This is the bird that makes you want to be a #birdnerd .

Great Egret – Stock Photo

1. Bald Eagle

Of course the coolest bird along Riverfront North is the majestic Bald Eagle. Do we even need to explain? #PhiladelphiaEagles . Winter is a great time to see the pair that resides in Pennypack on the Delaware Park, sitting in their massive nest, protecting their eggs.

Bald Eagle at Pennypack on the Delaware